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Links relating to the Articles
Marion Popcorn Festival
The Marion Popcorn Festival, the largest popcorn festival in the world annually attracting crowds in excess of 250,000, prides itself on having something for everyone.
Wyandot Popcorn Museum
Devoted to the restoration of antique popcorn equipment here is a world famous collection of popcorn related items that can be found nowhere else.
Comprehensive site dealing with how to control weight gain over the impending holiday season.
Mardi Gras parade
Fascinating coverage of Mardi Gras parade.
Metropolitan Museum
Visit this fascinating time line of designer Rudy Gernreich set up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
Creative gift-wrapping ideas
A fun article with much to say about creative gift wrapping for the holidays
Ga Ga for Gaza
A fascinating look at a remarkable shoemaker. Artist, teacher and crafts-person, Gaza Bowen has created a new art for a new time. Read her wonderful story.
Mother's Day Sites
A comprehensive site about mothers and their very special day. A must visit for those who observe the celebration.
The Jewish Museum Shop
Very interesting shop offering everything related to this special holiday.
A Brief Look at the History of Underwear in the 1700s
An interesting look at the underwear of an era long faded into time. My how we have changed and how we haven't!
A comprehensive site covering many problems citizens face while filing their taxes. Well worth a visit and it won't cost you a dime!
The Postcard Museum
A fascinating historical visit through the ephemera of the valentine and other greeting cards.
Dragon Tattoos
Great site for images of tattoos, for Dragon and Tribal Tattoo designs. An extensive and interesting gallery.
The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore
Get in the mood and read this poem again! Happy holidays to all!
Bayly Art Museum
The Art of the African Mask, a fascinating museum exhibit on the subject of African masks.
Institute For Naming Children Humanely
A fascinating site covering the unusual goal of achieving a better society through better names for our children.
How to wear an Indonesian tube sarong
Interesting site that shows what to do and not do, should a sarong cross your naked path.
The Umbrella Cover Museum
Umbrella cover? That little sleeve that comes with a new one. Museum? This is it! Only one of its kind.
The Sideroad
A great source for research in many fields. For now, see their history of eyeglasses article.
FunnyTaf – Great free stuff
This site is a labor of love. Hard to believe there could be so MUCH free stuff available on the web!
A Christmas Carol
Read Dickens' A Christmas Carol online!
The Max Factor Beauty Museum (Now the Hollywood History Museum)
Fascinating site featuring hundreds of autographed photos of the famous stars who were Factor's clients. The museum also contains famous wigs and hair-pieces worn by many members of Hollywood royalty over the years. A must visit for all fans of Hollywood!
Celebrity Pictures World
Here's a site where you are going to find the photo of anyone with celebrity you might be looking for. Is this a labor of love or what?
Wessex Features
Bob Browning is Coat Hanger King: A fascinating article in the British news about the most prolific coat hanger collector in the world!
Love Poems, Quotes, and Poetry
A wonderful collection of romantic love poems and love quotes. Themes include famous poets and writers, inspirational quotes, friendship, and weddings
If you are going to be travelling or just have an interest, check this site for information in quantity on every country in Europe.
The Make-Up Artist Network
A comprehensive site on the subject of make-up. Includes many interesting sites to visit and the Studio Make-Up Academy which offers courses for the aspiring make-up artist.
The Buttonarium
A unique button museum! The only one online! A must for button lovers and collectors.
Levi Strauss and Company
The story of Levi Strauss and the creation of the American blue jean. An interesting and informative site.
Gift history
Interesting site that offers links to other sites on the subject of the history of gift giving.
Money Management International
A non-profit consumer credit counseling service that will help you become debt free forever. They provide confidential financial guidance, free consumer credit counseling services and debt management assistance.
This is the leading resource for pursuing family history research online. Internet users connect to the most comprehensive online genealogical resources available, millions of fully searchable individual records, including all available US Census records (1790 – 1930).
The History Trail
This site helps you discover your own family history by showing you how to gather the necessary clues. Discover how local history fairs and professional organizations can help you draw up your family tree.
123 Greetings
Here's a great site with a really wide selection for sending free online cards to folks, friends & loved ones.
Emergence of Advertising in America
This site contains over 9,000 images with database information relating to the early history of advertising in The United States.
The Flying Elvi
There is no other site like this in all the world! This 10 member skydiving team provides an entertaining show, jumping from altitudes of 5,000-12,500 feet above the earth to the tune of "I Just Wanna Be Your Teddy Bear." Hire them for any event, but just make sure you get out of their way!
Dancing Bear Folk Center and Old West wax Museum
This fascinating Wyoming museum is different and alluring. The Teddy Bear Den with its collection of bears set in different historic and geographic scenes is always growing and a lot of fun for kids and adults alike.
A Tribal Tattoo Journal
Interesting site about the tattoo in history. Fascinating and well worth a visit if you have any interest in tattooing.
The Clothes Doctor
For help with your fashion, style, and wardrobe questions, ask The Clothes Doctor - your fashion stylist and wardrobe coach.
Internet News
Interesting site about online shopping during the holiday season. Equipped with elves and Santa himself who troubleshoot and improve the shopping experience as it occurs in the online environment.
Thanksgiving on The Net
This site offers a fascinating look at the festival of Thanksgiving down through the ages and traditions of mankind.
The number one web site about television talk shows. Offers over 400,000 dysfunctional messages for your humorous review.
Past Times: The Nostalgia Entertainment Newsletter
Contains movie links and collections of photos, art work, sound and film clips which you can download. Discover many general vintage movie links and get in touch with other film buffs.

Rants in Your Pants
The webmaster says of his site, "When something happens and you can't sit still and say nothing, that's when you have . . . Rants in Your Pants." No description can take the place of seeing for yourself. An extraordinary source for links to the most offbeat and amusing things you can't imagine.

Fred Astaire - Dance On Air
A wonderful and satisfying salute to the silver screen's most sophisticated dancer and entertainer.
Weight Watchers
For 40 years Weight Watchers has helped millions of people reach their weight loss goals. With their "Winning Points" plan, one can eat favorite foods. Take the first step and call Weight Watchers for help.

WebExhibits: Daylight Saving Time
A very comprehensive web site that includes information about the history of daylight saving time around the world. Well worth a visit.

The Movie Propking Online Museum
View this fascinating private collection of original used screen props and wardrobe pieces. Contains items from as far back as 1910, ranging from costumes worn by Marilyn Monroe to Austin Powers.

History of Film and Television
An interesting web site that covers all aspects of the world of television, including a retro tv section telling how to locate nostalgic web sites about old shows like Dragnet, Bewitched, the Honeymooners, Get Smart and a host of others.

Health A to Z
This site contains a depression library and a forum where questions can be asked and answered by professionals and experiences with depression can be shared.

Yard Sale Search
An interesting web site where die-hard thrifters can find information about yard sales in every state in the union. The site also contains a bargain hunter's forum and an online bargain shopping center!

Grant's Central Station
A unique site filled with nostalgia, entertainment and information. Check out the "New Wave of Burma Shave" tribute to roadside signs and a cool jukebox that plays tunes from the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Dark Angel's Realm of Horror
This web site provides music and an historic overview of the horror cinema from its onset in the early twentieth century to the present day.